How Data Science Drawing Insights from Data?

 For example, present-day online sites are maintaining the huge volume of the details or information pertaining to their customer base. Now, the online store wants to propose product recommendations for each customer based on their past activity. The store got the entire information of the customers like past purchase history, products browsing the history, income, age and some more. Here, the science can be a great help by coming up with train models using the existing details and store could be able to recommend precise products to the customer base at the regular intervals. Processing information for this purpose is a complex activity, but the science can do wonders for this purpose.

Let us look into another technological breakthrough where this science can be a great help. The self-driving car is the best instance here. Live details or information from sensors, radars, lasers and cameras generally create the map of surroundings for self-driving cars. The car uses this information to decide where to be fast and where to be slow and when to overtake other vehicles. Data science uses advanced machine learning algorithm for this purpose. This is another best instance to convey more about the science how it helps in decision-making using available details or information. 

Weather forecasting is another area where this science plays a vital role. Here, this science used for predictive analysis. Details or information or facts or figures collected from radars, ships, satellites, and aircraft used to analyze and build models for weather forecasting. The developed models using science help forecast weather and to predict accurately the occurrences of the natural calamities too. Without science, the data collected will be totally in vain. (source)


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